Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2015 / Vårutställning 2015

Bachelor  •  Fine Art  •  A. Erika Bergström

A. Erika Bergström

A. Erika Bergström
b. 1986, Sweden

A Projection of One’s Own

Fabric, acrylic paint, canvas, varnish, spray paint, latex, resin.

“I have chosen to name all the different materials in my work, colours
A rough but accurate treatment
The colours can be thrown on the other colours or gently put into different sections,
in different directions

The staples creates small holes and even rips apart the beautiful shiny fabric while the composition takes shape
It is a mixture of wariness and a rather destructive act

I want the colours to feel exposed
As though it was individuals who were forced to prove themselves
That they were decorated for an audience to consider them for a while…”